Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Laundry Day

Laundry Day in Them Backwoods


Living in a small house has many positives.

Living in a small house with my husband has many positives too!


His version of doing laundry differs from mine. Greatly!

I came home from work today to freshly-washed laundry strewn all over the mudroom.

Yes, “undergarments”

And all.

And of course, this is the day that my dear neighbor, Sara, decided to return a couple of bowls to me.

>>>>>>Inside of the laundry room<<<<<<

With the laundry hanging up all over the place.


And all.


Well it is understandable that on a hot day, the guy didn’t want to heat up our little place with the dryer but still…

The timing could have been better!!

I am now going to go looking for my dignity.

Maybe it's here underneath his boxers.

In the mud room.


  1. To be completely honest, I ran in & out so fast on my way to my "2nd" (or 3rd? or 4th) job, that i didn't notice anything--just wanted to put the peas somewhere where the bear (or other critter) couldn't get at them! No worries, Worry Wart!

  2. I do worry too much about such things. I need to lighten up!!

    PS: Still glad you didn't see anything!

  3. I will hang my undergarments outside in solidarity and force Sara to do the same. We just won't be airing any of our dirty laundry!

  4. Thanks, Jennifer! For once and for all, we will answer the question, "boxers or briefs"?!!