Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary

August 27, 2006

~Our Wedding Day~

Through the years...

Lake Powell

Jefferson Lake

Jefferson Lake


Alaska, again!!

Easter Morning Brunch

Lake Granby, 2006


“20+ Flavors” in Grand Lake

“20+ Flavors” in Grand Lake
~a little spin around Granby on our anniversary morning~

~Dick and Nanci at Grand Lake~

~Love you My Sweetie~


  1. Happy Anniversary! I am your newest Follower too. ;) I found you through the Tiny House website. I, too, live in a small house! I look forward to discovering your blog and looking at photos of your cute home. Again, have a wonderful anniversary!

  2. Thank you, Gloria for the anniversary wishes! And I'm eager to check out your blog/website! Do you enjoy your tiny house? We have never been happier!! Yes, it is small and yes, we have to be organized to make it work but ultimately it is an alternative lifestyle that is catching on! The anti-McMansion life!

  3. I love the pics of the two of you. I just got to your blog through tiny house newsletter, but I am inspired by seeing 2 people who are about my age (I'm 50) and having a wedding, enjoying each other and starting new projects. It's a beautiful thing! I'll look at your cabin pics etc.