Thursday, July 28, 2011

What do Popeye and Ralph Lauren have in common?

My husband, God love him, adores buying and selling used boats and motors. He began boating as a teenager and his love affair with being on the water has continued to this day. He found a motor that he just had to buy but the seller would only let it go as a package deal--boat and motor.

So he came home with Popeye and Olive Oil's boat.

I have to admit that this little dinghy is precious but we have no use for it so he posted it on Craig's List. As an aside this is probably the only part of technology that he has embraced. He can't get enough of Craig's List. But I digress....

And here is where Ralph Lauren comes in.
Along comes a buyer today who purchased it for a Ralph Lauren storefront in Aspen!
How cool is that?!!

The moral of the story is this--never doubt a person who has passion and knowledge about an area of interest! They always seem to come out on top! That's my Honeybuns!

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